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In the morning I wake.
A brand new day
As dawn breaks.
My head still heavy like a stone,
I drag myself through my room.
I collect my clothes and head to the shower.
Twenty minutes, a brand new flower.
Awake and up I do my chores,
I do a lot
And then some more.
I shine light on the dogs and water the cats,
I feed the rug and walk the plants.
Every morning I do these things
With tiredness I cannot fake.
I have no bounce in my spring
Every time I morning wake.
Morning Wake
This is 3 of 3 short poems I had to write for school.
The men in charge,
They sit in their tent,
Counseling each other
While the soldiers repent.
I care not, nor worry, nor desire,
As I prepare to burn the battlefield
With rage like fire.
With my wit as sharp as my sword
I’m prepared to destroy this ward.
My heart is a cold-stoned force,
It has to be to show no fear or remorse.
Tonight the giant sleeps,
The city safe and sound.
Slowly dawn creeps,
Tomorrow the battle ground.
Preparing For War
This is 2 of 3 short poems I had to write for school.
Angels fall like this,
They indulge themselves with bliss.
They’ve watched the world so long
They forget what’s right and wrong.
Angels fall like this,
Once their innocence light as a feather,
Now their sin a heavy stone.
Once their love was all together,
Now they’re lost and all alone.
Angels fall like this,
The light from their halo gone
Their grace falling with the dusking dawn.
Angels fall like this,
Up above, from way up high
They’re falling stars from the sky.
Angels fall like this.
How Angels Falls
This is 1 of 3 short poems I had to write for school.
I accepted rejection,
It was a part of my life.
Years of, “You can’t do this. You can’t get that.”
Years of saying, “All right.”

Now the tables have turned.
An experience that’s new.
A miracle occurred,
And I don’t know what to do.

I filled out an application,
Something I’ve done a millions times before.
Normally a letter returns stating,
“We regret to inform…”

This time was different
When the letter came.
The letter was thicker and bigger,
But I expected rejection all the same.

I opened the letter,
And to my surprise
The letter read, “Congratulations!”
And I screamed, “ALL RIGHT!”

I was happy… For a moment,
Then reality kicked in.
I really got accepted.
I really got in.

My happiness faded.
Completely disappeared.
I really got accepted,
And this, I realized, was my biggest fear.

My whole life I’ve been rejected.
It was a simple fact.
It was a day to day thing.
It made life easy to where I could relax.

It didn’t stop there.
The letters kept coming.
I was attracting acceptances everywhere,
Like flies to honey.

My life’s turned upside-down now,
And I don’t know what to do.
I feel like my life’s just starting,
And now I have to move.

I have to uproot my family,
And they all say it’s no big deal,
But we’re all stressed out
Wondering about our next meal.

I can’t afford this!
It’s just too much!
I can’t afford this,
Let alone lunch.

Don’t get me wrong,
I’m grateful for all of this.
I feel like someone normal
Should be in complete bliss.

But sometimes I wish that I was rejected,
That they would take my acceptance away.
Send me a letter saying that they made an error,
So here’s all your money that you paid.

But this late in the game,
It’s far too late
To try and close
The flooding gate.
I Prefer Rejection
This has been nagging at me for months now, ever since i was accepted into a REALLY big and REALLY good college. Now my entire family has to be uprooted from a place we know like the backs of our hands, to another place that is completely foreign to us, and it's barely a three hour drive from where we are. To top off my stress and anxiety, we can't afford any of it. Not the school, not the packing, not the move. Sometimes i really wish i was rejected or I declined the admission and went to the local college in my town which is not as good and doesn't offer any of the courses i want to take. Life just SUCKS!


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